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Lacco Ameno

Lacco Ameno, a small maritime village loved by celebrities

The small village of Lacco Ameno is situated in the north of the island. It is known for having an ancient history that started with the Euboea settlers that founded Pithecusa.

The most important archeological museum of the island is Villa Arbusto, it is famous for the presence of the Nestor’s cup, that testify the long history of the island of Ischia.

A small maritime village that still now preserves these traditions. At sunrise, fishermen set sail, to be able to put fresh fish that the sea offers them on their tables.

Another soul of Lacco Ameno is its cosmopolitan attraction. Thanks to Angelo Rizzoli the little village became an important center for international celebrities. Each year, in July, the international Ischia Global Film & Music Fest takes place with a host of international artists.